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1. All Power to the Councils!: A Documentary History of the German Revolution of 1918–1919 Gabriel Kuhn epub PM Press 1266071 English 2012 [Download]
2. How the Other Half Ate: A History of Working-Class Meals at the Turn of the Century Katherine Leonard Turner pdf University of California Press 2872947 English 2013 California Studies in Food and Culture [Download]
3. A History of Atheism in Britain: From Hobbes to Russell David Berman pdf Routledge 5358805 English 2013 Routledge Library Editions: Philosophy of Religion [Download]
4. Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy Susan Neiman epub Princeton University Press 2440037 English 2002 Princeton Classics [Download]
5. The Sagebrush State: Nevada's History, Government, and Politics Michael W. Bowers pdf University of Nevada Press 13459295 English 2006 Shepperson Series in History Humanities [Download]
6. The Oxford Handbook of Environmental History Andrew C. Isenberg pdf Oxford University Press 7760160 English 2014 Oxford Handbooks [Download]
7. Haiti, History, and the Gods Joan Dayan pdf University of California Press 29076762 English 1998 [Download]
8. AP European History. 2012-2013 Edition Jeffrey Brautigam epub McGraw-Hill Professional;McGraw-Hill Education;McGraw-Hill 3486026 English 2011 5 Steps to a 5 [Download]
9. Encyclopedia Of US Air Force Aircraft And Missile Systems Knaak M. pdf Office of Air Force History 41754764 English 1978 [Download]
10. The Battle of Gettysburg. A History Perspectives Book Roberta Baxter pdf Cherry Lake Publishing 3331198 English 2013 Perspectives Library [Download]
11. Bird Books and Bird Art: An Outline of the Literary History and Iconography of Descriptive Ornithology Jean Anker (auth.) pdf Springer Netherlands 90244867 English 1938 [Download]
12. Unmasking School Leadership: A Longitudinal Life History of School Leaders Ciaran Sugrue (auth.) pdf Springer Netherlands 2967125 English 2015 Studies in Educational Leadership 20 [Download]
13. A history of econometrics Roy J Epstein pdf Elsevier Science Ltd 15745619 English 1987 Contributions to Economic Analysis 165 [Download]
14. A History of European Women's Work: 1700 to the Present Deborah Simonton djvu Routledge 2532585 English 1998 [Download]
15. Borotbism A Chapter in the History of Ukrainian Communism Majstrenko, Iwan djvu 14043643 English 1954 [Download]
16. From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women in the World, Volume IV: Revolutions and Struggles for Justice in the 20th Century Marilyn French, Margaret Atwood pdf The Feminist Press at CUNY 4691478 English 2008 [Download]
17. The Plebeian Experience: A Discontinuous History of Political Freedom Martin Breaugh, Lazer Lederhendler, Dick Howard epub Columbia University Press 1438546 English 2013 Columbia Studies in Political Thought / Political History [Download]
18. Textbook of Ayurveda. A history and philosophy of Ayurveda Vasant Dattatray Lad pdf Ayurvedic Press 14869130 English 2002-2012. [Download]
19. Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? Michæl Shermer, Alex Grobman, Arthur Hertzberg pdf University of California Press 14081814 English 2009 [Download]
20. Instruments of War: Weapons and Technologies That Have Changed History Tucker, Spencer pdf ABC-CLIO 6823596 English 2015 [Download]
21. The Indonesian Economy in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. A History of Missed Opportunities Anne Booth pdf Palgrave Macmillan 2378685 English 1998 A Modern Economic History of Southeast Asia [Download]
22. Art, History and the Historiography of Judaism in Roman Antiquity Steven Fine pdf Brill Academic Publishers 15055541 English 2014 Brill Reference Library of Judaism 34 [Download]
23. Educational Experience as Lived: Knowledge, History, Alterity: The Selected Works of William F. Pinar William F. Pinar pdf Routledge 1063854 English 2015 World Library of Educationalist Series [Download]
24. The Transformation of Cinema, 1907-1915 (History of the American Cinema) Eileen Bowser djvu University of California Press 8933933 English 1994 [Download]
25. Basic geodesy : an introduction to the history and concepts of modern geodesy without mathematics J.R. Smith. djvu Landmark Enterprises 4260985 English 1988. [Download]
26. Struggles for Equal Voice: The History of African American Media Democracy Yuya Kiuchi pdf State University of New York Press 4561498 English 2012 [Download]
27. The Face of the Earth: Environment and World History J. Donald Hughes pdf Routledge 8860966 English 2014 Sources and Studies in World History [Download]
28. A Treasury of Deception: Liars, Misleaders, Hoodwinkers, and the Extraordinary True Stories of History's Greatest Hoaxes, Fakes and Frauds Michael Farquhar epub Penguin Books 1600631 English 2005 [Download]
29. The Sacred Routes of Uyghur History Rian Thum pdf Harvard University Press 1771438 English 2014 [Download]
30. Bonds without Borders: A History of the Eurobond Market Chris O'Malley pdf Wiley 2642656 English 2014 The Wiley Finance Series [Download]
31. History of Civilizations of Central Asia: The Crossroads of Civilization : A.D. 250 to 750 B. A. Litvinsky, Zhang Guand-Da, R. Shabani Samghabadi pdf Unesco 7414899 English 1996 [Download]
32. A history of the world in 100 weapons Chris McNab; Andrew Roberts pdf Osprey Pub 51879033 English 2011 [Download]
33. Ancient Jewish Sciences and the History of Knowledge in Second Temple Literature Seth Sanders, Jonathan Ben-Dov, (eds.) pdf NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS 3409792 English 2014 Institute for the Study of the Ancient World [Download]
34. A History of the French Language Through Texts Wendy Ayres-Bennett pdf Routledge 2352671 English 1995 [Download]
35. Philosophy and Its History: Aims and Methods in the Study of Early Modern Philosophy Mogens Lærke, Justin E. H. Smith, Eric Schliesser pdf Oxford University Press 2236708 English 2013 [Download]
36. Crime and Punishment in Victorian London. A Street-Level of the City's Underworld Ross Gilfillan epub Casemate Publishers and Book Distributors;Pen and Sword;Pen and Sword Social History 17504077 English 2014 [Download]
37. Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy Ian W. Toll epub W.W. Norton & Co. 2199172 2008 [Download]
38. Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America Lerone Bennett djvu Penguin Books 12681790 English 1993 [Download]
39. A companion to medieval Palermo : the history of a Mediterranean city from 600 to 1500 edited by Annliese Nef ; French and Italian texts translated by Martin Thom. pdf Brill 10570765 English 2013. Brill's companions to European history, v. 5. [Download]
40. Ocean of Destiny: Concise History of the North Pacific, 1500-1978 J. Arthur Lower pdf University of British Columbia Press 23730442 English 1979 [Download]
41. The Life of Carter G. Woodson. Father of African-American History Robert F. Durden epub Enslow Publishers 1530380 English 2014 Legendary African Americans [Download]
42. Math Through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others William P. Berlinghoff, Fernando Q. Gouvea djvu Oxton House Pub 17589463 English 2002 [Download]
43. The Economics of Keynes in Historical Context: An Intellectual History of the General Theory Michael Lawlor pdf Palgrave Macmillan 1380902 English 2007 [Download]
44. Negritude and Literary Criticism: The History and Theory of "Negro-African" Literature in French Belinda E. Jack pdf Praeger 647678 English 1996 Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies [Download]
45. The History of Sexuality: Volume I: An Introduction Michel Foucault, Robert Hurley djvu Pantheon Books 1268761 English 1978 The History of Sexuality 1 [Download]
46. A History of Mining in Latin America : From the Colonial Era to the Present Brown, Kendall; Johnson, Lyman L. pdf University of New Mexico Press 13272506 English 2012 Diálogos Series [Download]
47. The Air War in the Pacific Air Power Leads the Way (The Military History of World War II vol.13) Trevor Nevitt Dupuy pdf Franklin Watts, Inc. 39654256 English 1964 [Download]
48. An Environmental History of Medieval Europe Richard Hoffmann pdf Cambridge University Press 7108098 English 2014 Cambridge Medieval Textbooks [Download]
49. The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things George Kubler pdf Yale University Press 1244642 English 2008 [Download]
50. Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation Michael Pollan mobi Penguin UK 651486 English 2013 [Download]
51. Hosea and Salvation History: The Early Traditions of Israel in the Prophecy of Hosea Dwight R. Daniels pdf Walter de Gruyter 9757757 English 1990 Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 191 [Download]
52. William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the History of Music Theater Ulrike Küpper pdf Peter Lang International Academic Publishers 5109177 English 2011 Literary Studies [Download]
53. A History of the Catholic Church in the American South, 1513-1900 James M. Woods pdf University Press of Florida 3917786 English 2011 [Download]
54. The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia James Bradley epub Little, Brown and Company 9201838 English 2015 [Download]
55. Teaching Big History Simon, Richard B. pdf University of California Press 2937794 English 2015 [Download]
56. Medieval Weapons: An Illustrated History of Their Impact (Weapons and Warfare) Robert D. Smith, Kelly DeVries djvu ABC-CLIO 6776044 English 2007 Weapons and Warfare [Download]
57. Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of Britain and Europe Peter David Jordan pdf Bloomsbury Natural History 20862400 English 2015 [Download]
58. The Air War in the West. Sept. 1939-May 1941 (The Military History of World War II vol.6) Trevor Nevitt Dupuy pdf Franklin Watts, Inc. 37806166 English 1963 [Download]
59. The Magnificent Qur'an: A Unique History of Preservation pdf Exhibition Islam 109305420 2010 [Download]
60. The Tongking Gulf Through History Nola Cooke, Tana Li, James A. Anderson pdf University of Pennsylvania Press 2329688 English 2011 Encounters with Asia [Download]
61. A Basic History of Art H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson pdf Harry N. Abrams 71652397 English 1992 [Download]
62. History of exercise physiology Charles M Tipton djvu Human Kinetics 9272957 English 2014 [Download]
63. The Lost History of Christianity John Philip Jenkins epub HarperCollins e-books 553363 English 2008 [Download]
64. Hollywood Unknowns: A History of Extras, Bit Players, and Stand-Ins Anthony Slide pdf University Press of Mississippi 8300539 English 2012 [Download]
65. Tapestry: The History and Consequences of America's Complex Culture Jerry Carrier pdf Algora 967505 English 2014 [Download]
66. Boom and Bust: American Cinema in the 1940s (History of the American Cinema) Thomas Schatz djvu University of California Press 4641112 English 1999 [Download]
67. A History of Slovak Literature Peter Petro pdf Mcgill Queens University Press 9267548 English 1995 [Download]
68. A Short History of Socialist Economic Thought Gerd Hardack, Dieter Karras, Ben Fine djvu Edward Arnold 2703514 English 1978 [Download]
69. History of Political Theory: An Introduction: Volume II: Modern George Klosko pdf Oxford University Press 2649399 English 2013 [Download]
70. In the Shadow of History: Jews and Conversos at the Dawn of Modernity Jose Faur pdf State University of New York Press 22382578 English 1992 [Download]
71. AQA History A2 Unit 3 Aspects of International Relations, 1945-2004 John Aldred, Sally Waller pdf Oxford University Press 20931603 English 2014 [Download]
72. A History of the Later Roman Empire, AD 284-641 Stephen Mitchell pdf Wiley-Blackwell 31876042 English 2014 Blackwell History of the Ancient World [Download]
73. Battlefield Medicine: A History of the Military Ambulance from the Napoleonic Wars Through World War I John S. Haller pdf Southern Illinois University Press 10166776 English 2011 [Download]
74. A History of Western Society John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler, Clare Haru Crowston, Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks, Joe Perry pdf Bedford/St. Martin’s 128940416 English 2014 [Download]
75. The Routledge History of Western Empires Robert Aldrich, Kirsten McKenzie pdf Routledge 6808725 English 2013 Routledge Histories [Download]
76. Hegel and the Third World: The Making of Eurocentrism in World History Teshale Tibebu djvu Syracuse University Press 8961248 English 2011 [Download]
77. Faking It!. A History of Counterfeiting in Canada James Powell,Jill Moxley epub eBOUND Canada;General Store Publishing House 22526121 English 2014 A History of Counterfeiting in Canada [Download]
78. Access to History. Germany: The Third Reich 1933-1945 for AQA Geoff Layton pdf Hodder Education 5585465 English 2011 Access to History [Download]
79. The Craft of History and the Study of the New Testament Beth M. Sheppard pdf Society of Biblical Literature 2092439 English 2012 SBL Resources for Biblical Study 60 [Download]
80. Palimpsest: A History of the Written Word Matthew Battles epub W. W. Norton & Company 2289880 English 2015 [Download]
81. Risk : A Study of Its Origins, History and Politics Matthias Beck, Beth Kewell pdf World Scientific Publishing Company 6132141 English 2013 [Download]
82. Blackboard: A Personal History of the Classroom Lewis Buzbee epub Graywolf Press 1785019 English 2014 [Download]
83. History of the theory of numbers: divisibility and primality Dickson L.E. djvu 8283860 English 1952 [Download]
84. Norway To America: A History of the Migration Ingrid Semmingsen pdf University of Minnesota Press 14728351 English 1980 [Download]
85. A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time Adrian Bardon pdf Oxford University Press 1086369 English 2013 [Download]
86. The culture of connectivity : a critical history of social media José van Dijck pdf Oxford University Press 3328299 English 2013 [Download]
87. History as a Science and the System of the Sciences: Phenomenological Investigations Thomas M. Seebohm (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 3802159 English 2015 Contributions To Phenomenology 77 [Download]
88. Absent Through Want of Boots. Diary of a Victorian School in Leicestershire Robert Elverstone epub Perseus Books Group;The History Press 2909705 English 2014 [Download]
89. The Coral Reef Era: From Discovery to Decline: A history of scientific investigation from 1600 to the Anthropocene Epoch James Bowen (auth.) pdf Springer International Publishing 11205221 English 2015 Humanity and the Sea [Download]
90. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Harari pdf Signal 6945728 English 2014 [Download]
91. The German Conception of History: The National Tradition of Historical Thought from Herder to the Present Georg G. Iggers pdf Wesleyan 22231293 English 1984 [Download]
92. The Church of Notre-Dame in Montreal: An Architectural History Franklin Toker pdf Mcgill Queens Univ Pr 14548115 English 1991 [Download]
93. Cobbers In Khaki - The History of the 8th Battalion, 1914-1918 Ron Austin pdf Slouch Hat Publications 45198899 English 2004 [Download]
94. The United States Constitution. Its History, Bill of Rights, and Amendments Karen Judson epub Enslow Publishers 6393574 English 2013 [Download]
95. Troubled Geographies: A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland Ian N. Gregory, Niall A. Cunningham, Paul S. Ell, Christopher D. Lloyd, Ian G. Shuttleworth pdf Indiana University Press 71701471 English 2013 The Spatial Humanities [Download]
96. Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited About Doing History James W. Loewen epub Teachers College Press 2095667 English 2009 Multicultural Education Series [Download]
97. A History of Technology Charles Singer et al (eds) pdf Clarendon Press 38653198 English 1957 [Download]
98. The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency Annie Jacobsen epub Little, Brown and Company 8039196 English 2015 [Download]
99. Towards a History of Consciousness: Space, Time, and Death Vwadek P. Marciniak pdf Peter Lang 7556504 English 2006 American University Studies, Series V, Philosophy, 199 [Download]
100. Re-Reading the Scriptures: Essays on the Literary History of the Old Testament Christoph Levin pdf Mohr Siebeck 2870369 English 2013 Forschungen zum Alten Testament 87 [Download]
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