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1. Reuse Value: Spolia and Appropriation in Art and Architecture, From Constantine to Sherrie Levine Richard Brilliant, Dale Kinney pdf Ashgate 5433122 English 2011 [Download]
2. Able Writers in Your School. Developing the Potential of Gifted Children in Primary Schools: A Practical... Brian Moses,Roger Stevens pdf Andrews UK Limited;Brilliant Publications 2184014 English 2008 Brilliant how to ... [Download]
3. Writing Science before the Greeks Rita Watson and Wayne Horowitz pdf BRILL 1629846 English 2011 Culture and History of the Ancient Near East [Download]
4. Les offrandes végétales dans l'Ancien Testament: Du tribut d'hommage au repas eschatologique Alfred Marx pdf Brill Academic Publishers 22763621 French 1994 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 57 [Download]
5. Hungary's Long Nineteenth Century: Constitutional and Democratic Traditions in a European Perspective: Collected Studies László Péter, Miklós Lojkó pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3189612 English 2012 Central and Eastern Europe: Regional Perspectives in Global Context 1 [Download]
6. A Grammar of Gatha-Avestan (Asian Studies) Robert S. P. Beekes djvu Brill Academic Publishers 5154781 English 1997 [Download]
7. The Character of the Syriac Version of Psalms: A Study of Psalms 90-150 in the Peshitta Ignacio Carbajosa, Paul Stevenson pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2187107 English 2008 Monographs of the Peshitta Institute Leiden 17 [Download]
8. Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia: Sufi Dimensions to the Formation of Bosnian Muslim Society Ines Ašĉerić-Todd pdf Brill Academic Publishers 6951420 English 2015 Ottoman Empire and its Heritage 58 [Download]
9. Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond Deepak Malhotra, Max Bazerman epub Bantam 659858 English 2008 [Download]
10. Shifting Frontiers of Citizenship: The Latin American Experience Mario Sznajder pdf BRILL 2281867 English 2012 International Comparative Social Studies [Download]
11. Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History, Volume 2 (900-1050 David Thomas, Alex Mallett pdf Brill Academic Publishers 5778432 English 2010 History of Christian-Muslim Relations 14 [Download]
12. The Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain: A Mediterranean Diaspora Mercedes García-arenal Rodriquez, Gerard A. Wiegers pdf Brill Academic Pub 3791271 English 2014 Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World [Download]
13. Meaning and the Dynamics of Interpretation-Selected Papers of Hans Kamp Hans Kamp pdf Brill 3580989 English 2013 [Download]
14. Gottes Herrschaft: Eine Analyse der Denkschrift (Jes 6,1-9,6) Thomas Wagner pdf Brill Academic Publishers 5752094 Deutsch 2006 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 108 [Download]
15. The Decoration on the Cult Chapel Walls of the Old Kingdom Tombs at Giza: A New Approach to their Interaction Leo Roeten pdf Brill Academic Publishers 33917568 English 2014 Culture and History of the Ancient Near East 70 [Download]
16. Emanuel: Studies in the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, and the Dead Sea Scrolls in Honor of Emanuel Tov Shalom M. Paul, Robert A. Kraft, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Weston W. Fields, Eva Ben-David pdf Brill Academic Publishers 84789097 English 2003 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 94 [Download]
17. Hippocrates and Medical Education Manfred Horstmanshoff (ed.) pdf Brill 6293070 English 2010 Studies in Ancient Medicine 35 [Download]
18. Michel Henry et l'affect de l'art (Studies in Contemporary Phenomenology) (French Edition) Adnen Jdey, Rolf Kühn pdf BRILL 22680094 French 2011 [Download]
19. Die Esthernovelle: Vom Erzählten zur Erzählung: Studien zur Traditions- und Redaktionsgeschichte des Estherbuches Ruth Kossmann pdf Brill Academic Publishers 44960951 German 1999 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 79 [Download]
20. Messages from Georg Simmel Horst Jürgen Helle pdf Brill 2470851 English 2012 Studies in Critical Social Sciences [Download]
21. Revealed Wisdom: Studies in Apocalyptic in Honour of Christopher Rowland John Ashton pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2168366 English 2014 Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity 88 [Download]
22. Rabbinic Traditions Between Palestine and Babylonia Ronit Nikolsky, Tal Ilan pdf Brill Academic Publishers 1865624 English 2014 Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity 89 [Download]
23. Exegese und Lebensform: Die Proömien der antiken griechischen Bibelkommentare Matthias Skeb pdf Brill Academic Publishers 5426118 Deutsch 2007 Clavis Commentariorum Antiquitatis et Medii Aevi 5 [Download]
24. Roman Rule in Greek and Latin Writing: Double Vision Jesper Majbom Madsen, Roger Rees pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3159192 English 2014 Impact of Empire 18 [Download]
25. Proto-Slavic Inflectional Morphology: A Comparative Handbook Thomas Olander pdf Brill Academic Pub 1971865 English 2015 Brill's Studies in Indo-European Languages & Linguistics [Download]
26. Qur'ans of the Umayyads: A First Overview François Déroche pdf BRILL 6462398 English 2014 Leiden Studies in Islam and Society [Download]
27. Spinoza Past and Present. Essays on Spinoza, Spinozism, and Spinoza Scholarship Wiep van Bunge pdf Brill 2242182 English 2012 Brill's studies in intellectual history, 215 [Download]
28. In search of middle Indonesia : middle classes in provincial towns Gerry van Klinken, Ward Berenschot. pdf Brill 2276864 English 2014 Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, volume 292.; Power and place in Southeast Asia, volume 4. [Download]
29. Systematic List of Fossil Decapod Crustacean Species Feldmann, Garassino, Karasawa, Schweigert Schweitzer pdf BRILL 1563176 English 2010 Crustacean Monographs [Download]
30. Between Creativity and Norm-Making: Tensions in the Early Modern Era Sigrid Müller, Cornelia Schweiger, (eds.) pdf BRILL 1888827 English 2012 Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, 165 [Download]
31. Phenomenologies of Violence Michael Staudigl pdf Brill Academic Publishers 1591980 English 2013 Studies in Contemporary Phenomenology [Download]
32. Brilliant job hunting : how to get the job you want Angela Fagan pdf Prentice Hall Business, Pearson Education Canada 2313239 English 2008 [Download]
33. Mary Magdalene, Iconographic Studies from the Middle Ages to the Baroque Michelle A. Erhardt, Amy M. Morris pdf Brill Academic Pub 32314375 English 2012 Studies in Religion and the Arts [Download]
34. Speech and Language Challenges. The Ultimate Teen Guide Marlene Targ Brill epub Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group;Rowman & Littlefield Publishers 8631325 English 2014 It Happened to Me [Download]
35. Theory systematics Danser B djvu Brill 731471 English 1950 Bibliotheca biotheorics series D [Download]
36. Psalm 18 in Words and Pictures: A Reading Through Metaphor Alison Ruth Gray pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3565381 English 2014 Biblical Interpretation Series 127 [Download]
37. Vision and Certitude in the Age of Ockham: Optics, Epistemology and the Foundation of Semantics 1250-1345 Katherine H. Tachau pdf Brill 3563170 English 1988 Studien Und Texte Zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, 22 [Download]
38. Approaches to Literary Readings of Ancient Jewish Writings Klaas Smelik, Karolien Vermeulen pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3773809 English 2014 Studia Semitica Neerlandica 62 [Download]
39. Formation and Reformulation: The Redaction of the Book of Joshua in the Light of the Oldest Textual Witnesses Michael N. van der Meer pdf Brill Academic Publishers 65224079 English 2004 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 102 [Download]
40. The Tessera of Antilia: Utopian Brotherhoods & Secret Societies in the Early Seventeenth Century Donald R. Dickson pdf Brill Academic Publishers 43268823 English 1998 Brill's Studies in Intellectual History 88 [Download]
41. Shan'ge, the 'Mountain Songs': Love Songs in Ming China Oki Yasushi and Paolo Santangelo pdf BRILL 8669783 English 2011 Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia [Download]
42. Aurora (Morgen Röte im Auffgang, 1612) and Ein gründlicher Bericht or A Fundamental Report (Mysterium Pansophicum, 1620) Jacob Boehme, Andrew Weeks, Günther Bonheim, Michael Spang pdf Brill Academic Publishers 15653083 English 2013 Aries Book Series: Texts and Studies in Western Esotericism 16 [Download]
43. Writing and Reading the Scroll of Isaiah: Studies of an Interpretive Tradition Craig C. Broyles, Craig A. Evans pdf Brill Academic Pub 36061140 English 1997 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 70.2 [Download]
45. The Scriptures and the Scrolls: Studies in Honour of A.S. van der Woude on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday Florentino García Martínez, A. Hilhorst, C. J. Labuschagne pdf Brill Academic Publishers 33037539 English 1997 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 49 [Download]
46. I racconti di Canterbury (Classici) (Italian Edition) Geoffrey Chaucer, A. Brilli azw BUR 2104872 Italian 2012 [Download]
47. Narrative Analogy in the Hebrew Bible: Battle Stories and Their Equivalent Non-Battle Narratives Joshua A. Berman pdf Brill Academic Publishers 29799252 English 2004 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 103 [Download]
48. Looking Through a Glass Bible: Postdisciplinary Biblical Interpretations from the Glasgow School A. K. M. Adam, Samuel Tongue pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3521296 English 2014 Biblical Interpretation Series 125 [Download]
49. Theorizing the Angura Space: Avant-garde Performance and Politics in Japan, 1960-2000 Peter Eckersall pdf Brill Academic Publishers 1230998 English 2006 Brill's Japanese Studies Library [Download]
50. Sugar in the Social Life of Medieval Islam Tsugitaka Sato pdf Brill Academic Pub 1670907 English 2014 Islamic Area Studies [Download]
51. Degeneration and Revolution: Radical Cultural Politics and the Body in Weimar Germany Robert Heynen pdf Brill 5386646 English 2015 [Download]
52. Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900 Robert Aleksander Maryks pdf Brill Academic Publishers 8817620 English 2014 Studies in the History of Christian Traditions [Download]
53. The Arabic Lexicographical Tradition. From the 2nd/8th to the 12th/18th century Ramzi Baalbaki pdf BRILL 2118374 English 2014 Handbook of Oriental Studies: Section 1; The Near and Middle East [Download]
54. Luck: The Brilliant Randomness Of Everyday Life Nicholas Rescher pdf University of Pittsburgh Press 9036488 English 2001 [Download]
55. Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums Fuat Sezgin pdf Brill 16618542 German 1979 [Download]
56. Memory before Modernity: Practices of Memory in Early Modern Europe Erika Kuijpers (ed.), Judith Pollman (ed.), Johannes Müller (ed.), Jasper van der Steen (ed.) pdf Brill 8368174 English 2013 Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions 176 [Download]
57. The Astronomical Tables of Giovanni Bianchini José Chabás, Bernard R. Goldstein pdf Brill 1048388 English 2009 History of Science and Medicine Library [Download]
58. Ezekiel and the Leaders of Israel Iain M. Duguid pdf Brill Academic Publishers 28303822 English 1994 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 56 [Download]
59. Reading Gramsci Francisco Fernández Buey pdf Brill 832691 English 2015 Historical materialism book series ; volume 88 [Download]
60. From Face to Face: Recarving of Roman Portraits and the Late-antique Portrait Arts Marina Prusac pdf BRILL 2826554 English 2010 Monumenta Graeca Et Romana [Download]
61. Al-Andalus, Sepharad and Medieval Iberia: Cultural Contact and Diffusion Ivy A. Corfis, (ed.) pdf BRILL 3868267 English 2010 [Download]
62. Congress Volume: Rome 1968 pdf Brill Academic Publishers 31248750 English 1997 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 17 [Download]
63. New Perspectives on Old Testament Prophecy and History: Essays in Honour of Hans M. Barstad Rannfrid I. Thelle, Terje Stordaglen, Mervyn E. J. Richardson pdf Brill Academic Publishers 1460695 English 2015 Vetus Testamentum, Supplements [Download]
64. Police and Politics in Marseille, 1936-1945 Simon Kitson pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2503930 English 2014 History of Warfare 95 [Download]
65. Eating in Isaiah: Approaching the Role of Food and Drink in Isaiah's Structure and Message Andrew T. Abernethy pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2777680 English 2014 Biblical Interpretation 131 [Download]
66. Medicine and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt Philippa Lang pdf Brill 2585056 English 2012 Studies in Ancient Medicine, 41 [Download]
67. Seeing with Both Eyes: Ephraim Luntshitz and the Polish-jewish Renaissance Leonard Levin pdf Brill 4012084 English 2008 Supplements to the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, 2 [Download]
68. Factorizations of b^n+-1, b=2,3,5,6,7,10,11,12 Up to High Powers Brillhart J., et al. (eds.) djvu AMS 2601201 English 1988 Contemporary Mathematics 022 [Download]
69. Rewritten Bible After Fifty Years: Texts, Terms, or Techniques?: A Last Dialogue with Geza Vermes József Zsengellér pdf Brill Academic Publishers 1914602 English 2014 Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism [Download]
70. Dialectics of the Ideal: Evald Ilyenkov and Creative Soviet Marxism Alex Levant, Vesa Oittinen (ed.) pdf Brill 1450400 English 2014 Historical Materialism 60 [Download]
71. Marx's Temporalities Massimiliano Tomba pdf Brill 2615749 English 2013 Historical Materialism Book Series [Download]
72. Scientific Uncertainty and Information Leon Brillouin (Auth.) pdf Elsevier Inc 10731998 English 1964 [Download]
73. Crowds, Power, and Transformation in Cinema Lesley Brill pdf Wayne State University Press 3462838 English 2006 Contemporary Approaches to Film and Media Series [Download]
74. Beyond the Burghal Hidage: Anglo-Saxon Civil Defence in the Viking Age John Baker, Stuart Brookes pdf Brill Academic Publishers 17340517 English 2013 History of Warfare 84 [Download]
75. Dutch commerce and Chinese merchants in Java : colonial relationships in trade and finance, 1800-1942 Alexander Claver. pdf Brill 2235950 English 2014. Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, 291. [Download]
76. Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible Karel Van Der Toorn, Bob Becking, Pieter W. Van Der Horst pdf Brill Academic Pub 45891838 English 1998 Ddd [Download]
77. Judaism and World Religions: Encountering Christianity, Islam, and Eastern Traditions Alan Brill pdf Palgrave Macmillan 2058506 English 2012 [Download]
78. Abū Mihnaf. Ein Beitrag zur Historiographie der Umaiyadischen Zeit Ursula Sezgin pdf Brill 15322442 German 1971 [Download]
79. Kitáb-i Nuqṭatul̓-káf, being the earliest history of the Bábís Jānī Kāshāni, Mirza, d. 1852; Browne, Edward Granville, Sir, 1862-1926. pdf EJ Brill 110713674 English; Persian; Arabic 1910 Browne, Edward Granville, Sir, 1862-1926. [Download]
80. Thinking Being: Introduction to Metaphysics in the Classical Tradition Eric Perl pdf Brill 860446 English 2014 Studies in Platonism, Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Tradition 17 [Download]
81. Let us Go up to Zion: Essays in Honour of H. G. M. Williamson on the Occasion of His Sixty-fifth Birthday Iain Provan, Mark Boda pdf Brill Academic Publishers 6325272 English 2012 Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 153 [Download]
82. Isaak von Ninive und seine Kephalaia Gnostika. Die Pneumatologie und ihr Kontext. Nestor Kavvadas pdf Brill 895165 German 2015 Vigiliae Christianae, Supplements 128 [Download]
83. Khazaria in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries Boris Zhivkov, Daria Manova pdf Brill Academic Publishers 4606920 English 2015 East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450, 30 [Download]
84. Global Political Economy and the Modern State System Tobias Ten Brink, Jeff Bale pdf Brill Academic Pub 1316926 English 2014 Historical Materialism [Download]
85. Traditions of theology : studies in Hellenistic theology, its background and aftermath Dorothea Frede; André Laks pdf Brill 1975176 English 2002 Philosophia antiqua, v. 89 [Download]
86. Managing Invisibility: Dissimulation and Identity Maintenance among Alevi Bulgarian Turks Hande Sözer pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2411479 English 2014 Balkan Studies Library 15 [Download]
87. The Emergence of the Modern Sino-Japanese Lexicon: Seven Studies Joshua A. Fogel pdf Brill Academic Pub 1934104 English 2015 East Asian Comparative Literature and Culture [Download]
88. Blunders and Brilliancies (Cadogan Chess Books) Ian Mullen, Moe Moss djvu Pergamon 3553017 English 1990 [Download]
89. Climate Change and Environmental Hazards Related to Shipping: An International Legal Framework Koch, Hans--Joachim; König, Doris; Sanden, Joachim; Verheyen, Roda pdf BRILL 1676339 English 2013 [Download]
90. Copulae in the Arabic Noun Phrase: A Unified Analysis of Arabic Adnominal Markers Francesco Grande pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3581366 English 2013 Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics 70 [Download]
91. 360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames A. A.Troitzky djvu Dover 5404093 English 1968 [Download]
92. Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage Larissa J. Taylor, Leigh Ann Craig, John B. Friedman, Kathy Gower, Thomas Izbicki, Rita Tekippe djvu BRILL 14249365 English 2009 [Download]
93. The Jibbali (Shaḥri) Language of Oman: Grammar and Texts Aaron D. Rubin pdf Brill Academic Publishers 3744499 English 2014 Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics 72 [Download]
94. WTO and the Greater China : Economic Integration and Dispute Resolution Chien-Huei Wu pdf BRILL, Martinus Nijhoff 1329263 English 2012 Nijhoff international trade law series [Download]
95. Between Orality and Literacy: Communication and Adaptation in Antiquity Ruth Scodel (ed.) pdf Brill Academic Publishers 6067563 English 2014 Mnemosyne Supplements: Monographs on Greek and Latin Language and Literature 367; Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World 10 [Download]
96. Brilliant Green: The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence Stefano Mancuso, Alessandra Viola, Joan Benham, Michael Pollan epub Island Press 2055512 English 2015 [Download]
97. Ancient Synagogues - Archaeology and Art: New Discoveries and Current Research Rachel Hachlili pdf Brill Academic Publishers 116564614 English 2013 Handbook of Oriental Studies / Handbuch der Orientalistik: Section 1, Ancient Near East 105 [Download]
98. Max Weber: Modernisation As Passive Revolution; a Gramscian Analysis Jan Rehmann pdf Brill Academic Pub 1484752 English 2014 Historical Materialism [Download]
99. Reconciling Indo-European Syllabification Adam I. Cooper pdf Brill Academic Publishers 2822142 English 2015 Brill's Studies in Indo-European Languages & Linguistics 13 [Download]
100. The Armenian Apocalyptic Tradition: A Comparative Perspective. Essays Presented in Honor of Professor Robert W. Thomson on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday Kevork B. Bardakjian, Sergio La Porta pdf Brill Academic Publishers 16952291 English 2014 Studia in Veteris Testamenti Pseudepigrapha 25 [Download]
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